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Warriors~ The Hidden Lands is about four mighty clans who once ruled the Lake, soon after doom and destruction came and forced them to find new land and Become four new stronger, fearless and even more agile clans!
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 Amberstream, Meet the healer, brave and strong?

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PostSubject: Amberstream, Meet the healer, brave and strong?   Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:45 pm

Amberstream is the name that the wind screams to you. Care to listen closer?

"I am a tom, of course! Can you not see my male stature or hear my deeper meow?"

"22 moons is how long I have walked this Earth. I hope to travel for much longer."

"Hawkclan, of course. I could be loyal to no other clan, except to the one I was bred into."

"A light silver with black, tan, and white stripes. Otherwise, I am a silver tabby."

"A long white stripe from my chin to my forehead. Besides that, I have different stripes and spots on my body that may be memorable. Most of all is still my stripe."

"A deep amber, for which I was named. My name was given to me because of my eyes and my ancestor."

"I am a Medicine Cat. I enjoy it very much and will never regret being one."

Amberstream is a very... interesting young cat. He always has something to say, even if he shouldn't say it. He really never learned self-control. He was never taught anything close to it, either. He has always been proud, too. He takes the jobs given to him very seriously, and being a Medicine Cat means the world to him. He will do his duty to the clan as a healer until the very day he dies, and even then
he'll do the best he can from Starclan. Starclan knows what type of mischief he'll get into before he dies, too. He never looks for trouble, but it finds him. It tracks him down and he always has to deal with more angry cats or others telling him to calm down or quit whatever he is doing when he is doing zilch. It's a very hard thing to explain unless you have lived around him long enough.
Stubbornness has always been a strong trait for him as well, besides dedication.  He just doesn't know when to quit, even for his own good. He would argue with a badger, even after it tore him apart. He always has something to say about something or someone else. Though, sometimes it saves someone or something else from a world of hurt. This small yet keen cat isn't all arguing and anger, though. He is very compassionate and caring most of the time. He would never deny a cat in need of medical treatment and he loves to play with the kits when he isn't busy with his patients of herbs. As a matter of fact, he regrets never being able to have his own kits because he finds them so adorable.
In all, he is just a well-rounded and wrongly placed cat looking for companions and acquaintances on this wild ride of life.

He really has none. He is just a regular clan cat, nothing special.

"My heritage is quite something to be fathomed and praised upon! I am a direct descendant of Graystripe and Silverstream themselves! Silverstream is actually who I was named for, because of my striking resemblance to her and Stormfur, my great great grandfather. My great grandmother, Stark that Hunts in Rivers, made her way back to the clans and had kits with a tom named Swiftwing. Long story short, I am the product of my newly deceased parents, Willowbark and Rivergaze!"




Did anyone invite you?
Yes, and no?

If yes, then who/where?
I found a thread off of Chickensmoothie and found this forum an utter delight!
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PostSubject: Re: Amberstream, Meet the healer, brave and strong?   Mon Jul 08, 2013 6:00 pm

Late welcome! Smile 
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PostSubject: Re: Amberstream, Meet the healer, brave and strong?   Mon Jul 08, 2013 6:01 pm

It's fine. Thank, I guess. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Amberstream, Meet the healer, brave and strong?   

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Amberstream, Meet the healer, brave and strong?
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