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Warriors~ The Hidden Lands is about four mighty clans who once ruled the Lake, soon after doom and destruction came and forced them to find new land and Become four new stronger, fearless and even more agile clans!
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 Tigerstripe, calm yet fierce

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Tigerstripe, calm yet fierce  Empty
PostSubject: Tigerstripe, calm yet fierce    Tigerstripe, calm yet fierce  EmptySun Jul 07, 2013 2:16 pm

Tigerstripe, calm yet fierce  2127969724_9e2b2a07a9
I understand most things, some things I don't.


I am a tom, could you not tell

I am a half-clan cat but I live in Flint Clan

I am a warrior

I have been alive 23 moons going into 24

Dark brown with chocolate likes classic tabby stripes

A small white patch on my muzzle, and a small claw mark on my front left leg.

An amber with a very dark brown making the amber seem a bit greenish

Tigerstripe is a mostly calm cat who can stand up for friends and family. He when it comes to fighting is very cocky. He has gotten his love for battle from his sister, whom we learn about later, and his pride from his other sister. Whom we will also learn about later.He is also stubborn when it comes obeying those higher then him. With always leaping to his paws at every occasion, cats think how has he not died yet.

Not much, only being the weak one and learning stuff from his now dark forest sister and star clan sister.

My parents were Mistfur and Dragontail, Dragontail was named by twolegs. It seemed after a while he knew they called him dragon. both of his parents were rogues at one point. His sisters were Ivystar, a black tabby cat who used to rule the old shadow clan back in the old forest. and river clans old leaer changed their name to honor Ivystar, thats what he thinks anyway. Ivystar died n a battle with a fox. She went to the dark forest, as she was blood thiristy, and taught by dark forest cats. Her other sister Nettlesplash taught him pride. She left as a rogue with her mother when she became a warrior. Nettlesplash then died a death by a badger.

No, I have no intrest in anyone.

I don't have a crush, why would I have a mate.

No kits either
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Tigerstripe, calm yet fierce
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