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Warriors~ The Hidden Lands is about four mighty clans who once ruled the Lake, soon after doom and destruction came and forced them to find new land and Become four new stronger, fearless and even more agile clans!
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 Willowwing, shy and cold.

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Willowwing, shy and cold. Empty
PostSubject: Willowwing, shy and cold.   Willowwing, shy and cold. EmptySun Jul 07, 2013 3:42 pm

Willowwing, shy and cold. 422626037_9967f08e64-2_zps736e4af7
Willowwing is the name that is whispered, shyness is an obvious element. Go quietly, listen closer.

"I am a female, my kind questionnaire. Excuse me, if my voice and/or stature did not point you towards my feminine ways. I wish I could be more obvious."

"I am no longer an apprentice, but I have not been a warrior long. I am only sixteen moons, you see?"

"Ivyclan is the home I hail. I have never thought about leaving my clan, but it may be.... an option, later on."

"I am an orange tabby, complete with golden, cream, and white stripes. I have never be told my pelt was pleasing to the eye. It may be, but I've never had many talk to me before, anyway."

"I have an unusually bright pink nose that isn't very common among my fellow peers."

"My eyes are a very light and slightly angelic shade of pale blue. They might be compared to the purest of waters. "
"I am a warrior. Of course, I would enjoy being something more practical and less violent, but we don't always get what we want. Like a family."

Willowwing is a very troubled young she-cat. She hods deep-seated trust issues related to her parents leaving her to die, or so she was told, on one of the borders of Ivyclan territory. She's quite dense. She spends most of her time out by the water, swimming or thinking. Being blind doesn't make anything easier. Swimming has always been an easy thing for her, blind or not. She broods constantly because of her disability. She doesn't like much of the warrior duties she is given, which is obvious. She feels she doesn't do her clan any good because she has a hard time fighting and hunting. She can't see her enemy and hunting has always been hard. They were never part of her skill sets and she feels they never will be. Because of the hazing she went through as a kit and an apprentice, she still feels inadequate around many of her clanmates. She obviously needs a good friend who doesn't call or insist on calling her 'Weeping Willow'. Unfortunately, her quite and quiet behavior has left her labeled with that ridiculous name. Well, those reasons and besides her being blind.
Willowwing isn't always a quiet and drifting young girl. She can have fun when she wants to, however rare it may be. She knows how to entertain the kits of the clan and makes sure that the elders have fresh food and moss. That will always be her favorite duty, no matter how old she is or whatever rank she owns. She will always be kind to her clanmates and take care of the elders. That's just Willowwing's personality.

Willowwing was born to an incest-ridden family. Her father was the father of her mother. When they found she was blind, they set her on the border and left her to die. In the morning, her snow-laden and shivering body was found. The poor scrap barely survived, let alone got over the mental scar of it all. Being blind has been constant trouble from that day. Her younger fellow warriors still push her around and bully her, but she won't tell on them because she feels it makes her a tattle-fox. So, she endures their anger and moves on.

"None, that I know of. I wish I had a family, but I don't. I never will, either. "

"No self-respecting tom would have an eye on me, 'Weeping Willow.' It's just common sense not to..."

"Puh! What tom could love me? I have no crush and I know no one happens to have their eyes on me."

"Maybe, some day. Kits are an utter delight, but they frighten me. Another problem; what tom could love me?"
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Willowwing, shy and cold.
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