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Warriors~ The Hidden Lands is about four mighty clans who once ruled the Lake, soon after doom and destruction came and forced them to find new land and Become four new stronger, fearless and even more agile clans!
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 Shadetail's bio

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PostSubject: Shadetail's bio   Shadetail's bio EmptySat Jul 13, 2013 10:11 pm

Name: Shadetail.
Gender: She-cat.
Age: 20 moons.
Clan: Ivyclan.
Fur: Long black fur.
Scars/Markings: Three scars along her right cheek and scars along her left leg.
Eyes: Dark amber eyes, blind in her right eye.
Rank: Medicine cat.
Personality: Impatient and moody, she makes an effort to be nice to others though. Shadetail is easily frightened, often being the source of amusement for kits and mischievous apprentices. She has a soft spot for elders, respecting them greatly. Shadetail often has doubts about Starclan, but she keeps to herself about it.
History(optional): Shadetail was born to Antfoot and Batcloud, along with her two siblings, Falconkit and Cherrykit. She dreamed of being a warrior, braving off enemies and fighting for justice, often teased by her siblings that she was too small and half blind. Soon after her apprenticeship her father left Ivyclan, seemingly disappearing off the face of the earth, leaving a confused bunch of kits and a distraught mother. Moons passed by and Shadetail earned the -tail suffix for her quick movements and agility. One evening Cherrynose had complications with birth and nearly died, after feeling so useless in her sisters time of need she turned to the life of a medicine cat, saying she'd rather heal then wound.
Family: Her mother Antfoot. Brother Falconwhisker and sister Cherrynose. Two neices, Goldenkit and Lizardkit.
Crush: N/A
Mate: N/A
Kits: N/A
Did anyone invite you?: Nope.

I hope this isn't horrible, I'm a bit rusty with forum role-play.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadetail's bio   Shadetail's bio EmptySun Jul 14, 2013 12:09 am

Your form is fine. Added to Ivy Clans List.
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Shadetail's bio
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